Sustainability Practices


Planetary Design is committed to improving sustainability and reducing its footprint. Airscape® products come in coffee refill bags, while BruTrek® uses compostable bags. Throughout all our brands, we promote refill programs to eliminate single-use plastic waste. We partner with other sustainable organizations like CoffeeSock® and The Conservation Alliance to build a more eco-friendly future together. In-house we practice active compost and recycling efforts and look to help with local initiatives. Join our mission to work towards a more sustainable coffee industry and greener planet.

By choosing to support our company, be confident knowing you are getting high-quality products and contributing to a more sustainable future for all. Our dedication to reducing our impact on the environment is reflected in donating a portion of our revenue to The Conservation Alliance and supporting projects like successfully placing legislation to protect the Boundary Waters.

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By the end of this year, we are working towards completely eliminating single-use plastics from our Bonner, Montana, home base. Planetary Design is eliminating single-use plastics from our packaging. Airscape® products will come in Cotton Refill bags. We will have our ethoz® and BruTrek® products packaged in compostable bags and are converting to paper-based tapes for shipping.

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Tired of the cost and single-use waste associated with our industry? We are too! The Airscape® Refill Program by Planetary Design is an easy and sustainable way to help roasters sell their freshly roasted coffee beans. Now more than ever, people are seeking eco-friendly ways to buy their favorite locally roasted coffee. This program limits the amount of single-use papers, plastics, and bags harming the environment. The consumer can feel good knowing you are giving back to the environment while receiving fresh coffee. As a roaster, you can cut the overhead cost of providing single-use coffee bags. The Airscape coffee canister reduces waste while preserving the freshness of your favorite locally roasted coffee – reducing food waste too!


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Customer Purchases Airscape Coffee Canister

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Barista Fills Airscape or Bag with Coffee Upon First Purchase

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Customer Returns Airscape Coffee Container for Discounted Coffee Refill


“We wanted to an option for the community to participate in our goals and encourage simple changes in their life to help cut waste.”

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