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Want to learn more about Our Story? Here is how we discovered the idea, journey, & execution of Planetary Design & how we’ve become the brand we are today. We are proud of our Montana roots and continue to develop and field test all of our products at our home base in Bonner, MT.

Learn More About the Planetary Design Story

The idea behind Planetary Design was born in 1992 on a backpacking trip in the mountains of Western Montana: a desire to drink quality coffee while adventuring in the outdoors. No one should have to settle for burnt coffee, instant coffee or – worst of all – no coffee while adventuring. This passion led to the formation of the best travel French press on the market.

We are lucky to live and work so close to many of Montana’s beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes. Our company ethos is “have fun and get ‘er done!” Whether going fly-fishing, boating, backpacking or commuting to the office, every day starts with a great cup of coffee.

Planetary Design’s BruTrek, Airscape® and ethoz™ products cater to the passions of outdoor enthusiasts, coffee connoisseurs, tea lovers and foodies alike! We use our products everyday and we’re passionate about ensuring our customers enjoy them as much as we do!

Meet the team and all of our furry friends on our team page. We invite you to swing by and say hello if you find yourself in the Missoula area – we love having company!

To your passions pursued & brewed,
Your friends at Planetary Design

Black BruTrek Logo
Our BruTrek line of travel presses and drinkware are the quintessential coffee gear for all your adventures. They’re ultra-durable and designed to take anywhere & brew everywhere! Enhanced with Bru-Stop™ press technology, your brew won’t over-extract, become bitter or leave grounds in your cup.
Black Airscape Logo

To preserve those freshly-roasted coffee beans, we developed the better-than-airtight line of Airscape® canisters. Reusable and refillable, Airscape® is the optimal dry goods storage solution for coffee, tea, spices, pet treats and more. Truly revolutionary, this patented technology keeps what’s fresh today, fresh tomorrow!

black ethoz logo

In late 2020, we introduced our new ethoz™ brand. We took our expertise from the past 15 years developing high-quality outdoor coffee gear to launch an indoor coffee line that presents a hands-on, elegant and simple brewing experience.