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Looking for Corporate Gifts for your company? With low minimums and an in-house branding team, Planetary Design offers excellent products for your company.

stainless steel customizable products for corporate orders from montana

Your Custom Engraved Logo with Low Order Minimums

Customize anything from coffee storage canisters to water bottles, tumblers, and french presses!

Check out our customizable products below and get your company a gift they’ll love.

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Get exactly the customized product you want from our in-house print staff.


10% off to Montana-based companies or non-profits.


Choose between getting your product laser-engraved or doing a single-, double-, multi-colored imprint


24 minimum unit requirement for laser engraving and 48 minimum unit requirement for color imprinting.


At Planetary Design, we’re your perfect pick for corporate gifts! We’re a small company from beautiful Missoula, Montana, and we’re all about crafting top-quality, eco-friendly French presses, coffee storage, and drinkware. With customizable products, low minimums, and our in-house print & sales team, we guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want. Join us in gifting sustainably and making a lasting impression – your satisfaction is our top priority!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most of our products, including tumblers, French presses and Airscapes, are 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel. This is a highly durable, food-safe, thermal material. The patented Bru-Stop system in our French presses (both tabletops and travel tresses) is constructed of high-quality BPA-Free Grade 5 plastic (or polypropylene – PP) and a fine, high-quality stainless-steel mesh screen. The color coat is either a scratch-resistant baked enamel finish or scratch-resistant acrylic. There are rubber or silicone rings on the tabletops to create a tight seal and rubber rings on the mugs for grip and aesthetic purposes.

The Airscape Lite® body is constructed of a durable, BPA-Free, dishwasher-safe co-polyester. The inner lids of both Airscapes are made of BPA-Free PP plastic and the outer lids of UV-resistant acrylic. The Airscape® Glass body and Ethos tabletop French press system are made with durable, borosilicate glass.

While all of our Planetary Design products are designed and distributed here in the U.S., they (except for the Big Sky Bistro) are manufactured abroad. This decision is due to U.S. manufacturers not having the machinery and capacity to produce the quality stainless steel products we expect at Planetary Design. Nonetheless, we have very close relationships with our manufacturing partners and frequent contact with them. Independent audits and inspections are conducted routinely, ensuring safe and fair working conditions and high-quality products. Besides the numerous jobs we have created in our local economy, we often have additional quality checks and re-packaging performed by a non-profit in our community dedicated to providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. In a nutshell, we feel that we take every measure to provide quality products made ethically while remaining loyal to our local and national economy and the environment.

All Stainless Steel products carry a 5-year warranty and a 2-year warranty on the parts included in stainless steel products (lids, plunger assemblies, press screens). All non-stainless steel products (Airscape®, Airscape® Glass, Ethos & Airscape® Bucket Lid) carry a 2-year warranty.

Planetary Design offers a full range of custom imprinting options:

  • Multi-color digital, 24 unit minimum
  • Single-color screen printing, 48 unit minimum
  • Engraving, 24 unit minimum
  • Engraving, 24 unit minimum
  • Apparel screen printing, 24 unit minimum

Talk to your regional sales manager to get a quote. After quoting, orders typically have a lead time of 10-15 business days plus shipping from artwork approval.

Wholesale prices are based on keystone, which is 1/2 of retail prices MSRP. We offer a MAP pricing policy. For more information, contact your regional sales manager.

Lost lid? Accidentally ran it over or dropped it off a cliff? No problem! You can purchase parts for your products here. If you can’t get what you need, call us, and we’ll help you determine the best course of action.

The ABL is compatible with most 3-gallon to 7-gallon buckets. The most common bucket size is a 5-gallon bucket. It is not compatible with a 1-gallon bucket. The ABL has a diameter of 11.75” and is 3” tall, including the handle. As the bucket insert moves toward the bottom of the bucket, the seal may begin to crimp; this may be an excellent opportunity to transfer to a Kilo Airspace.

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