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picture of Flask french press pouring brewed coffee into glass cups

Post on May 11, 2021 by Erin

FLASK French Press How-to Brew

If you’ve decided to make brewing in the FLASK your new morning ritual, here is a quick how-to to maximize your experience!

Step 1. Disassemble your FLASK – remove the inner brewing chamber from the glass carafe, the press assembly from the brewing chamber, and unscrew the bottom screen from the brewing chamber:

Flask Brewing Step 1 - disassemble    Flask Brewing Step 2 - disassemble    Flask Brewing Step 3 - disassemble








Step 2. (Optional) Place a FLASK paper filter into the top of the screen. Brewing without a paper filter is just as enjoyable. Including a filter will result in a more refined and smoother-tasting brew, however.Flask Brewing 5 - insert paper filter

Step 3. Re-attach the screen to the bottom of the brewing chamber. Add ground coffee (or loose-leaf tea) to the brewing chamber. Grind size will vary based on your preference and can vary in any size from coarse to drip. However, smaller (espresso) grinds will create more resistance when plunging. If your grinder has a scale of 1-10, we recommend trying a grind setting of 6-7.

The FLASK will brew approximately 17 fl.oz. of coffee, and the amount of coffee you add will depend on how strong you prefer your brew. The included scoop holds approximately 2 tbsp, so using 2 scoops provides ~4 tbsp of coffee. We recommend approximately 2 rounded tablespoons of coffee per 8 fl.oz. of water. Add more if you would like to allow for dilution later. Re-insert the brewing chamber into the glass carafe.

Flask Brewing 6 - add fine ground coffee

Flask brewing 7 re-assemble










Step 4. Pour hot filtered water into the brewing chamber, stopping at the bottom of the black band near the top.

Flask Brewing 8 - add hot water Flask Brewing Step 9 - add hot water









Step 5. After about 30 seconds, stir grounds & water mixture to thoroughly saturate the grounds. Continue to steep another 3-4 minutes, then place the press assembly inside the brewing chamber and slowly & steadily press down until the top button is just inside the top of the brewing chamber.

Flask Brewing Step 10 - add press assembly

Flask brewing Steps 11 - press









Step 6. Pour and enjoy the best cup of coffee (or tea!) you’ve ever had!

Flask Brewing Step 14 Flask brewing Steps 12










Step 7. To clean the FLASK, simply remove the brewing chamber from the glass carafe, unscrew the bottom screen from the brewing chamber, then push the spent grounds or tea leaves out into your compost bucket or waste bin. Use a bottle brush (not included) to gently clean the inside of the brewing chamber and carafe. The screen portion can be further disassembled for thorough cleaning.