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Post on April 22, 2021 by Erin

Open Letter to FLASK Kickstarter Backers

We knew there would be backers upset about their financial loss of backing a company that was unable to bring the FLASK product to fruition. The path to get a product to market is very hard and many companies and ideas never get to the finish line. Not to mention trying to manufacture anything during a world wide pandemic. 

It was 2 years ago the company behind FLASK announced they were suddenly closing their doors. I do not want to speak badly of this company, so I will let you all read between the lines. 

My question – why did it take Planetary Design two years to bring the product to market? 

The straight answer is the factory had not been paid for molds or development work for the FLASK, unpaid consultants, packaging incomplete, only one factory prototype existed and it did not work along with a complete lack of trust for anyone taking over the project. 

There was no bank account full of kickstarter funds ready to purchase inventory or pay for project work – in fact, not a single penny in any account and over $100,000 of debts. 

We took over the project anyway, got busy and we do what we do – get projects to market. The complexity of the project was taxing in both time and money. We didn’t ask consumers for additional funding. So after 2 years of time we brought the FLASK to market. We hope this product will be wonderfully successful and eventually, we do get a return on our investment. 

If we had not stepped in, the FLASK would not exist and Kickstarters would have nothing. We feel bad that the company you invested in at the beginning did not deliver. There are risks with all investments as we all know. It stinks. 

We don’t get the list of the Kickstarter names either – there is no connection between what monies were raised and Planetary Design. 

Planetary Design is offering a discount for all kickstarter backers. Just email info@planetarydesign.us with a screen-shot of your FLASK kickstarter receipt, and we’ll send you a code for 25% off your purchase, plus a bonus gift.

We are not obligated by law or by Kickstarter rules… but we are good folks at Planetary Design. We are ethical. We are business people. Whether you think the discount is adequate, that is your opinion. 

I have been very transparent and if you need further explanation – you can reach me thru our Planetary Design website. 

Thanks for the opportunity to explain in further detail the history of this project. 


Jess Nepstad, CEO Planetary Design