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Post on February 5, 2021 by Erin

Pick An Airscape®, Any Airscape®

Need to block UV light from destroying your coffee’s freshness? Or would you rather see those lovely goji berries & split peas inside the container? Perhaps you want something that will enhance your kitchen’s countertop, or stack nicely in your pantry. Or maybe you just need a single container to hold that 5lb bag of flour. Whatever your need, we make an Airscape® canister to satisfy it.

The Airscape® Classic – The essential stainless steel kitchen canister available in two sizes and five colors. Perfect for keeping coffee beans fresher, longer by blocking UV rays and removing excess oxygen from the canister via the patented inner Airscape® lid.

The Airscape® Ceramic – Ideal for keeping the essentials on-hand in a too-pretty-to-hide glazed ceramic body with natural bamboo top lid. Two convenient sizes and the same trusty Airscape® inner lid technology ensure your dry goods stay FRESH.

The Kilo Airscape® – You asked, we delivered with an even larger Airscape® container that holds a whopping 2.5lb of whole bean coffee, or 5lb of flour, 5lb of brown sugar, 2.5lb of granola, 3lb of oats, 7.5lb of popcorn kernels, and so much more!

The Airscape® Glass – Some things are just too pretty to hide. Crafted of durable borosilicate glass and available in two functional sizes, the Airscape® Glass preserves your quality ingredients while allowing you to visualize your next meal.

The Airscape® Lite – When compact dry goods storage is of paramount importance, in walks the Airscape® Lite. Three very stack-able sizes help maintain an organized shelf or pantry.

Interested in ordering wholesale for your coffee shop, roastery, bulk-food store or home goods store? Contact our wholesale account specialists today to obtain wholesale pricing and establish your account. The Airscape® is a unique product line to add to your retail offerings, and we can even customize them for you!

Drop us a line (sales@planetarydesign.us), or call 406-728-7008 to strike up a conversation!