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Airscape® Ceramic Grab Bag

Airscape® Ceramic Grab Bag



(18 customer reviews)


*color of ordered product is random (White, Black, Slate, Cobalt, or Red Rock) unless specifically stated in order

Step into the world of sustainable thrift shopping with Planetary Design’s Ceramic Grab Bag! Embrace the thrill of discovery as you unearth unique treasures from our collection of reclaimed ceramic coffee products. Each piece exudes character and charm, with a story to tell and a mission to fulfill.

Indulge your eco-conscious spirit with our handpicked selection of ceramic mugs and tumblers, each rescued from the brink of waste and given a new lease on life. Every imperfection becomes a badge of honor, showcasing the beauty of sustainability in action.

Join us on a journey of sustainability and style, where every purchase not only adds flair to your coffee routine but also positively impacts the planet. Embrace the art of thrift shopping with Planetary Design’s Ceramic Grab Bag – where sustainability meets sophistication, one sip at a time.

Oh, and HGTV loves our Ceramic Coffee Canister as well

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  • medium black planter, planter

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    Coffee Scoop – 2 Tbsp. – Obsidian (Black)

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Unveiling Eco-Friendly Elegance: Ceramic Grab Bag Edition

Toast to Thrift Shopping Triumphs

Raise your mug to the thrill of thrift shopping with Planetary Design’s Ceramic Grab Bag! Each sip tells a story of sustainability and style, as you indulge in the unique treasures unearthed from our collection. Embrace the joy of discovery as you find your perfect coffee companion among our reclaimed ceramic mugs and tumblers.

With every purchase, you’re not just enjoying a delightful beverage; you’re celebrating a triumph of thriftiness and eco-consciousness. Join us in toasting to the beauty of imperfection and the excitement of sustainable living with Planetary Design’s Ceramic Grab Bag – where every find is a testament to your savvy shopping skills and commitment to a greener planet.

ceramic grab bag coffee canister
black ceramic coffee canister, grab bag

Celebrate Imperfection in Style

Experience the elegance of sustainability with Planetary Design’s Ceramic Grab Bag. Our curated selection of reclaimed ceramic coffee products combines eco-consciousness with undeniable style. Embrace the art of thrift shopping as you discover unique treasures that add flair to your coffee routine. Each piece boasts character and charm, reflecting the beauty of imperfection and the thrill of sustainability.

Elevate your coffee ritual with our handpicked ceramic mugs and tumblers, each a testament to the artistry of sustainability. Join us in embracing eco-friendly elegance with Planetary Design’s Ceramic Grab Bag – where every sip becomes a statement of sophistication and every purchase a step towards a brighter, greener future.


Small 4-Inch, Medium 7-Inch

18 reviews for Airscape® Ceramic Grab Bag

  1. Rachel Roese (verified owner)

    I ordered the small and large Airscape from the grab bag section. It felt like roulette because other than size and functionality, you don’t know what is going to be sent. The gamble completely paid off though. One had a logo that could easily be covered, but is really cute and I’ll leave it as is. The other had a 1/4” scratch that is barely noticeable. I love how fresh our coffee beans stay. I use the small one for camping and the large on my counter for daily use. I prefer a clean, clutter free counter, but it’s too convenient and aesthetically pleasing to hide away in a cupboard. This is an easy 5 star review on the product itself as well as the company!

  2. Shannon Merewether (verified owner)

    This was a great deal! I didn’t know what I would get but I needed the canister for a practical purpose and didn’t mind taking a chance on the random design. I got a beautiful solid black canister and it may have a teeny tiny bubble on the surface (only found it by looking it over very intensely) but I’m not even sure if it is a second because it is pretty much perfect. It was shipped unbelievably quickly. I will be coming back for more! Thanks!

  3. Gayle Bonin (verified owner)

    I purchased two ceramic Airscape and I cannot find a blemish or any type of flaw anywhere! I have several of the products (the French press, Adventure Tumbler, and the Airscape classic). I am always completely satisfied with my purchase. Love the products and the shipping has never been a problem either. Thanks!!

  4. Geoffrey Decker (verified owner)

    I did ample research regarding proper bean storage when I got my espresso machine for Christmas. After reading through hundreds of forums and watching videos all over, it was clear that the Airscape by Planetary Design was the top of the line for bean storage. Then I discovered this grab bag concept and could not resist pulling the trigger, because not only am I receiving an excellent product but I am also getting a spectacular deal for it. Will absolutely be buying more, and you should too!

  5. victor.manela (verified owner)

    Just received two small ceramic Airscape and I haven’t noticed any imperfections. I love these containers. I already have 3 of the medium canisters also from this grab bag section. I use them to store my coffee beans and tea bags. I have given away all my other coffee and tea storage containers as soon as I acquired these. They keep my coffee beans and tea bags fresher.. I would recommend them highly for any storage application where air exposure degrades quality of product.

    • Koby Pederson

      Victor! We really appreciate your review and are glad to hear you are utilizing the Grab Bag.

  6. chelseabduong (verified owner)

    I already have two of the stainless steel Airscape containers but these are such a great deal that I ordered two more Medium Airscapes. One didn’t have any visible damages and the other had a small chip on the bottom which you can barely notice. I love to use these for all sorts of storage. They have a great look no matter what color you get. Some blemishes are a small price to pay for a quality product.

    • Koby Pederson

      Thank you for the review! Excited you took advantage of the Grab Bag Bogo Deal – we didn’t want the old/overstocked products to go to waste so glad to hear they found a new home.

  7. jfm9179 (verified owner)

    I ended up getting a plain white ceramic canister that looks perfect. So I lucked out.

  8. Patrick Ray (verified owner)

    I grabbed 2 of these from the grab bag (1 medium and 1 small). I had been thinking about expanding my storage options for my office coffee. I’m a home roaster and I like to keep plenty of varieties on hand at home and at work.

    Anyway, whoever pulled these did a really great job of sending me two that compliment each other as well as well as my other coffee gear by sending me a black and a white. I have not found a blemish on either yet. The only thing I can tell is that they may not really be perfectly round and the airscape lid inserts are a little loose. I decided to swap them around and found that they match each other a bit better that way. They still do a solid job at pushing air out and the wood lids fit pretty snug. For a grab bag product, they are better than I was expecting.

    I appreciate the discount and I appreciate Planetary Design giving customers the option of purchasing a blemished product as opposed to trashing them. I would probably not pay full price to add to what I already have at the office despite wanting to, but I’m really glad I pulled the trigger on these. They look great and they keep my coffee like I like it! I’d leave a photo review if I could! (but check them out here if you’d like )

  9. Amy (verified owner)

    This is my 4th order from Planetary Designs (and not my last). These containers are well designed, versatile and perfect for so many uses. They are my first “Go To” gift for friends and family. The two containers I received from the grab bag were perfect – I plan to use one to store tea bags and the other as a gift.

  10. jb (verified owner)

    The gasket on the item I received seems like it is a little skewed or not quite made right. I think it is going to work but it does have me a little worried.

    • Dane Gillespie

      Hey jb,

      email and we will help you with your issue!


  11. Benjamin (verified owner)

    The inner lid doesn’t fit the ceramic canisters as well as my classic steel canisters. Easy for them to slip out of alignment while sliding down– likely due to the glossy smooth finish and the slight irregularities of ceramic. 2 of my 3 canisters can achieve a reasonable seal if I am very careful while inserting, but 1 can’t regardless of which of my 3 inner lids I use. They look beautiful, but I think I will stick with the flawless performance of the steel canisters in the future.

  12. Gary Lancione (verified owner)

    I picked a few of these grab bag cannisters and was impressed by the quality and condition. One cannister was missing one of the cork pads on the bottom. That’s it! It was otherwise new. The other cannisters had small blemishes on the finish that I had to look closely to find. In no case did the effect the useability of these items. Or looks for that matter! I use them to store coffee, granola, tea and other food items. I spoke with Bob in customer service and he was a big help. Great products, great people. You can’t go wrong with the Airscape cannisters!

  13. mr bdo (verified owner)

    Great company; great price/deal. But the rating is for the product – the ceramic canister has an unevenness that means a poor fit and not a tight seal. Immediate regret – I wish I would’ve ordered steel.

  14. Bobby (verified owner)

    I ordered a total of 6 of these grab bag ceramic canisters. The four canisters in the small size were great with slight imperfections but functionally worked great with a proper seal. The two I ordered in the medium size were not so great. The inner diameter of the canisters are inconsistent enough that they do not do a good job keeping air out and so this makes them pretty much useless for their intended purpose. I would love to be able to exchange the two medium ceramic coffee canisters for ones that actually seal. I would even just get two more of the small ones if the problem is mostly found on the medium size.

  15. Bobby (verified owner)

    I left a five star review for the 4 small size canisters purchased, but this review is for the 2 medium size canisters I purchased. The canisters I received in the size small worked great and all of them were able to have a proper seal. The two I ordered in the medium size were not so great. The inner diameter of the canisters are inconsistent enough that they do not do a good job keeping air out. They still look nice and can be used as a container, but they do not create an air tight seal and are pretty much useless for their intended purpose. I would love to be able to exchange the two medium size ceramic coffee canisters for ones that actually seal. I would even just get two more of the small ones if the problem is mostly found on the medium size.

    • Dane Gillespie

      Sorry for your experience with the medium-sized ceramic grab bag products. If you email we can get that taken care of for you!

  16. htims204 (verified owner)

    Such a great product and this is an amazing deal! I bought 8 to give as gifts. Extremely satisfied!!!!

  17. wanblisapa (verified owner)

    these are the best storage canisters EVER! I purchased a few (both sizes) at regular price and love them! Very sad to see them discontinued. The Grab Bag, however, is a GREAT deal…you absolutely cannot beat the price! Every one of the half dozen that i have purchased at the discounted price has been flaw-free first quality! Don’t pass this opportunity by!

  18. Kris (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great customer service, love the product. We use the metal containers for camping and the ceramic container for coffee on the counter at home. Love them for keeping coffee fresh and dry.

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