Starter Kit - Urban Coffee Shop

What's Included?

– 2 Cases of 7″ Airscape® Classic (12 units)

– 2 Cases of 4″ Airscape® Classic (12 units)

– 1 Case of ethoz® Flask (6 units)

– 1 Case of ethoz® Glass Tumblers (12 units)

– 2 Cases of 2 Tbsp. Spoons (12 units)

Receive 18% off Wholesale Price when Choosing the “Without Branding” Option
Receive 29% off Wholesale Price when Choosing the “With Branding” Option

*must order all products in the starter kit

Airscape® Classic 7" and 4" Stainless Steel

Our most popular product. Keep coffee fresher for longer with the patented inner lid. The Airscape® Classic Stainless Steel in 7″ and 4″ is the perfect accessory for your retail coffee shop. We offer engraving or multi-color imprinting services so you can get your brand featured on the best coffee storage system on the market.

The 4″ coffee canister holds 1/2 pound of coffee; the 7″ coffee canister holds 1 pound of coffee.

Then this starter pack also included the Coffee Scoop. The Coffee Scoop is the perfect accessory for the Airscape Classic because it was built to fit inside the canister. So, no more losing your scoop. Plus, it is well-balanced and heavy-duty to provide a high-quality feel.

airscape classic bundle, food storage canister, patented lid actively removes, patented lid

ethoz® Flask

can you use a french press for tea - Planetary Design

Brews a clean and refined 17 fl oz. of coffee or tea. Featuring a two-chamber design that is easy to clean. The ethoz® Flask® will be the unique product on your retail shelf. The extra fine filter for refined coffee, 360-degree pour and removable bottom for easy cleaning will be a cult favorite in your store.

ethoz® Glass Tumblers

glass cups, drinking glasses, modern drinking glasses, double old fashioned glasses

Enjoy a seamless drinking experience with these borosilicate glasses. The ethoz® Glass Tumblers are 6 fl oz. Double-walled, borosilicate glass cups that show off the beautiful hue of the coffee while also being durable and can keep your coffee hot for longer.

Remember, when choosing the “With Branding” option below, you save an extra 11% off the wholesale price. With this option, The Airscape Classic 4″ and 7″ will include your branding on the product.
*must order all products included in the Starter Kit