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Airscape® Coffee Canister Review: Full Breakdown

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If you’re a coffee lover, you know the importance of keeping your coffee fresh and if you value keeping coffee fresh you probably have heard of the Airscape® Coffee Container. At Planetary Design, we understand this too, which is why we created Airscape®. Our containers are specifically designed to keep your coffee fresh for longer. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a casual drinker, or a coffee shop owner, the Airscape® Coffee Container is perfect for you.

In this Airscape® coffee canister review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Airscape® Coffee Container, including details about the patented inner plunger, materials used, sizes and volumes available, cleaning care, and more.

Patented Technology

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The magic of the Airscape® Coffee Container is in its patented inner plunger, which utilizes a displacement method and two-way valve to keep your coffee fresher for longer. The inner lid of the container fits tightly against the coffee (or any stored goods), pushing out the air as you push it down. This displacement method leaves your coffee with less oxygen exposure, keeping it fresher for an extended period.

To use, simply push the inner lid flush with the stored dry goods, ensuring that the plunger is fully extended. Once flush with your stored dry goods, flip the handle of the lid down. This creates a seal that locks in freshness and prevents air from entering the container. As you push down the inner lid of the Airscape® Coffee Container, you’ll experience a satisfying ‘whoosh’ sound that is truly coffee ASMR goals. This sound is a testament to the inner lid’s effectiveness in removing oxygen from the container and locking in freshness.

James Hoffman, a renowned coffee expert, and barista champion has endorsed the Airscape® Coffee Container as his favorite displacement coffee storage method. This endorsement speaks to the effectiveness of the container and the trust that coffee professionals place in the Airscape® brand. Just go to 11:20 in this Youtube video review by James Hoffman to hear for yourself.

How Is Airscape® Different From Other Coffee Storage Containers?

There are several notable benefits to using the Airscape® Coffee Container over other coffee storage solutions. Firstly, the Airscape® works non-mechanically, unlike the Fellow Atmos Vacuum. With the Fellow Atmos, a twisting method is required to create an airtight seal, which can be time-consuming and require effort. Additionally, this seal needs to be recreated every time the container is opened, and daily as the seal weakens over time.

Secondly, the displacement method of the Airscape®’s inner lid doesn’t just make the container airtight; it makes it airless. Without the patented inner plunger, the Airscape® would function as a high-quality airtight canister, similar to other storage solutions such as the Coffee Gator Canister or Veken Coffee Canister. However, these canisters lose their effectiveness as more coffee is used, with more oxygen becoming trapped inside.

In contrast, the Airscape® provides consistent freshness no matter how much coffee is stored inside. By simply pushing the inner lid flush with the stored dry goods, all oxygen is removed from the container.

What Are the Different Kinds of Airscape® Coffee Containers?

airscape coffee canister review, coffee beans, coffee canister, coffee beans fresh

There are 4 different Storage Containers that utilize Airscape® patented technology, all of which suit a different need. Whether you own a coffee roastery or want to improve your coffee game, there is something for you:


The Airscape® Classic Coffee Storage Canister is the original coffee container that started it all. Available in a range of sizes – the small holds 10oz/250gr of whole bean coffee, and the Medium holds 1lb/500gr of whole bean coffee. This coffee container is also available in 9 colors so there is something to match everyone’s aesthetic.

This coffee container is made from durable, restaurant-grade stainless steel and is perfect for home or commercial use. The Classic Canister is a popular choice for coffee enthusiasts who want a reliable and long-lasting container to store their coffee.


The Airscape® Kilo Coffee Canister is perfect for those who need to store a large amount of coffee. This container holds 2.5 lbs of whole-bean coffee, making it ideal for coffee shops, offices, or home brewers who want to stock up on their favorite beans and go through coffee REALLY fast.

The Kilo differs from this classic in that it is made from galvanized steel but same in that it features the patented Airscape® inner lid. It comes in three colors – matte black, gray, and white (the gray is unique to the Kilo).


The Airscape® Glass Coffee Canister offers a stylish alternative to stainless steel canisters. Made from borosilicate glass, this canister is both elegant and functional, allowing you to see your coffee beans and monitor how much is left.

Also available in two sizes like the Classic – the small holds 10oz/250gr of whole bean coffee, and the Medium holds 1lb/500gr of whole bean coffee. This container is perfect for home use and is easy to clean.


The Airscape® Bucket Lid Insert is the ultimate bulk storage solution. Designed to fit snugly inside standard 5-gallon buckets, or any bucket with an 11.9″ diameter, this insert maximizes storage capacity while ensuring maximum freshness. It’s ideal for storing large amounts of coffee, BBQ pellets, pet food storage, hops, and more. You can even use the Bucket Lid for bokashi composting.

The Bucket Lid utilizes the same Airscape® technology but in a bigger size. It integrates a Fresh-port™ valve that allows bucket contents to be flushed with inert gasses, making it even better for preserving the goods’ life. It also contains a degassing valve to self-burp and releases any carbon dioxide buildup.

Each of these containers has its unique features and benefits, and the choice ultimately depends on your specific needs. If you are looking for a durable and reliable container, the Classic or Kilo Canister may be the best option. If you prefer a more elegant container, the Glass Canister is a great choice. And if you have a large amount of coffee to store, the Bucket Lid Insert is a practical and affordable solution.

It’s worth noting that our Coffee Scoop fits inside all of our coffee containers, and the Glass and Classic come with a Cotton Refill Bag that can be used alternatively to the coffee containers to take to your local roaster or grocery store to refill on dry goods.

The Kilo and Classic also have a rubber-padded bottom to prevent your container from sliding and spilling over

airscape coffee canister review, coffee beans, coffee canister, coffee beans fresh

Airscape® Volume, Size, and Price


(5″W x 4″H, whole bean capacity – 8 oz (250 g) ground coffee capacity – 10 oz (275 g)) $31.00

(5″W x 7″H, whole bean capacity – 1 lb (500 g), ground coffee capacity – 1.25 lbs (550 g)) $36.00


(5″W x 4″H, whole bean capacity – 8 oz (250 g), ground coffee capacity – 10 oz (275 g)) $32.00

(5″W x 7″H, whole bean capacity – 1 lb (500 g), ground coffee capacity – 1.25 lbs (550 g)) $37.00


7.5″W x 8″H, whole bean capacity – 2.5 lbs (1.1 kg), ground coffee capacity – 3.13 lbs (1.42 kg), $41.00

Bucket Insert

It depends on the bucket you use! The Bucket Insert is offered individually ($26.00), in a 3-pack ($70.00), and a 6-pack ($140.00).

How to Clean an Airscape® Coffee Canister?

Cleaning your Airscape coffee canisters is important for maintaining their longevity, but it’s not something you’ll have to do frequently. When you do decide to clean them, it’s important to keep in mind that the top lid and inner lid should be washed by hand only. The canister itself is dishwasher-safe!

When handwashing your inner lid, it’s crucial that you avoid letting water get down inside the valve on the plunger lid and behind the gasket on the top lid. To prevent this, use a mild detergent so you won’t leave behind any odor that could transfer to your beans.

After washing, let your Airscape canisters dry completely before storing coffee inside them. This ensures that moisture doesn’t get trapped inside, which could affect the quality of your coffee.

What can you Store in the Airscape® Container?

The Airscape® Container is a versatile storage container that is designed to help preserve the freshness of a wide variety of food items by removing air that can cause them to go stale. Some of the items that can be stored in an Airscape® container include:

6 pack of food storage containers on kitchen counter
  1. Coffee beans: The Airscape® Container is particularly popular among coffee lovers as it can help to preserve the flavor and aroma of roasted coffee beans fresh for longer.
  2. Loose-leaf tea: Like coffee beans, loose-leaf tea can also benefit from being stored in an Airscape® Container as it can help to keep the tea fresh and flavorful for longer.
  3. Nuts and dried fruit: The Airscape® Container can help to prevent nuts and dried fruit from becoming stale and losing their flavor and texture.
  4. Flour and other baking ingredients: The Airscape® Container can help to prevent flour and other baking ingredients from absorbing moisture and becoming lumpy.
  5. Spices: The Airscape® Container can help to keep spices fresh and potent for longer, preventing them from losing their flavor and aroma over time.
  6. Cannabis: Use the Airscape® Containers or check out our Cannascape Container, made specifically for optimal cannabis storage.

Overall, the Airscape® Container is a versatile storage solution that can be used for a wide variety of food items that benefit from being stored in an airtight container.

How Long Does Coffee Last in the Airscape® Container?

The Airscape container is designed to help preserve the freshness of coffee and other food items by removing the air that can cause them to go stale. While the exact length of time that coffee will last in an Airscape container can depend on several factors, such as the type of coffee, roast level, and storage conditions, it can generally be expected to last around 3 weeks longer than it would if stored in the original packaging.

If the coffee is stored in an Airscape container that is kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, it can stay fresh for up to several weeks. However, it’s worth noting that coffee is best enjoyed when it’s fresh, so it’s always a good idea to use coffee as soon as possible after it’s been roasted and ground. Check out our blog to learn the best way to store coffee beans to learn more!

If you want to learn more about which coffee storage product is best for you Contact Us at Planetary Design and we can help!

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