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Airscape Kilo – Grab Bag


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One kilo per order. Note: the image shows colors available.

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7 reviews for Airscape Kilo – Grab Bag

  1. Marco (verified owner)

    Works great, looks good. Coffee stays super fresh in it. Will order more Airscape!!

  2. Evelyn Chorush (verified owner)

    I appreciated the opportunity to purchase a “Grab Bag Airscape Kilo” from Planetary Design. The airtight mechanism is well thought through. The upright position of the handle allows the user to easily push the handle down to touch the coffee so that it almost eliminates all the air. The handle is then pressed flat which fills the air holes (that made the first operation so easy) so that a vacuum is established, protecting the coffee or any other suitable perishable to keep it fresh.
    I enjoy working directly with a proven reliable small business at their home location.

  3. Marisa (verified owner)

    We LOVE our KILO Airscape. We order coffee in 2-3lb bags and this is awesome for keeping our beans nice and fresh. It is so very satisfying to push all the air out and know that my coffee will taste just as good the day the beans run out as they did the first day! My first KILO I ordered the standard way, the second time I learned about the grab bag option! The kilo itself is perfect no flaws, nothing, I couldn’t tell why it was a “second.”

  4. JEH (verified owner)

    We use these to keep coffee and dry pet food fresh, and noticed an immediate improvement in the way our cats quickly devoured their dry food, rather than letting much of it sit around. Buying smaller bags of high quality pet food and keeping it in these containers seems to forestall it from going rancid, improving its taste and nutritional value.

  5. Kenny (verified owner)

    I really love this product. The color, size, weight, and build are just perfect for my needs. I purchased one for myself, and my two brother-in-laws for their birthdays.

  6. joe.fradley (verified owner)

    Nicely designed canister with tight tolerances. I’m using for a powder (think Huel or Mana). So far so good. I also got the grab bag option, and it appears perfect to me. I didn’t choose the color but I got the dark color I would have wanted if I could.

  7. Nancy Foster

    I love my Airscape canisters. I have two kilos. We buy speciality coffee in bulk and these keep it fresh.

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