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BaseCamp Travel Press


icon BPA-Free
icon Stain Free
icon 18/8 Steel
icon Hand Wash
icon Spill Proof
icon Double Wall Insulated
icon Food Safe

The sturdy BaseCamp travel presses are designed for brewing outdoors, but ideal for brewing anywhere. Features the patented Bru Stop™ press technology for a delightfully smooth, rich tasting brew, and a threaded lid that helps retain heat and prevent spills.

The BaseCamp comes in two sizes – 32 fl oz or 48 fl oz

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With Bru-Stop™ technology, once fully pressed down, the
Bru-Stop™ plate creates a physical barrier between the
grounds and brewed coffee or tea. Using tempered
stainless steel, the plate flexes up while pressing and then
springs back to a flat position – halting the brew process.


12 reviews for BaseCamp Travel Press

  1. Tricia Mcleod

    Love this coffee press! We have the older version 32 Oz which we loved but the handle broke and we wanted to spring for the 48 Oz. We decided to go with the new one and bought three as my mother and brother wanted one as well. I believe it’s the first of this line, my only comment is that the spout tends to drip a little after you finish pouring coffee, just from spout channel not being as curved like our previous model. Kinda picking at straws here, this is an awesome press, built very well, and sturdy for clumsy people like myself – could definite take some abuse if you took it camping or to a cottage. This press is definitely worth every penny – good job Planetary Design team.

  2. Michael Boggs (verified owner)

    I had a Bonjour 48oz coffee press. The first cup always came out perfect. The second and third, bitter and more bitter. I thought it was because I had to microwave the second and third cup. Now I realize it was from the grinds remaining in the carafe. With Bru-Stop technology the first cup and last cup taste exactly the same. Hats off to Mandy Lea Photo for introducing me to this exceptional product.

  3. Terri Thorne

    The most amazing coffee press!!! Finally one that we can use at home and on the road that wont break and makes an incredible cup of hot coffee. Highly recommend….every morning you’ll wake up and have the best cup of coffee 🙂

  4. Jennifer Babineaux (verified owner)

    I really wanted to love the new Brutrek, but we much prefer the prior model. The top is very hard to screw on tightly enough so that the spout faces forward to align with the handle (even for my husband), and it’s hard to unscrew if you do get it to align because it’s so tight. As someone else mentioned, it drips a bit more than the prior version. The metal press also feels less substantially built than the prior version. Like the prior version, it makes a terrific pot of coffee and keeps it warm for a really long time. We just feel that the re-design was actually a step backwards.

    • Sarah

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for your comments. Based on similar feedback, we are in the process of making updates to the Basecamp French press to improve the screw top threading, as well as address the drip issue. We appreciate hearing from our customers so we can continue to make the best outdoor presses on the market!

  5. Nathan Shiba (verified owner)

    I’m a very happy first-time user of a French Press, specifically the Basecamp 32oz. French Press. At home we rely on an OXO drip coffee maker and we’ve been really pleased with the coffee this unit makes.

    As my wife and I are now just envisioning ourselves as tiny getaway house and soon trailer campers, we (I) thought we should figure out how we could make coffee while on the road. Big fans of Mandy Lea and her videos on camping in her @Tab 400 we gravitated towards the Planetary website and products. In truth, because the products are made in China, I hesitated for a few months, but after doing some research, (1) the Basecamp French Press clearly had the most positive feedback and best features and (2) there’s no equivalent product manufactured in other countries that we have found. Should Planetary decide to manufacture future products in the US, I’ll gladly pay 50% or 100% more, but I suspect I’m in the minority.

    Now to the press itself. It’s extremely well made and the Bru-Stop feature really works as advertised! I had to figure out how to adjust the grind of the coffee to work well with the French Press, but once that was accomplished, it really made an excellent cup of coffee. The double-wall stainless steel construction keeps the coffee warm for an hour or two with no problem, depending upon the ambient outside temperature.

    One think I really appreciated is that Planetary sells a replacement screen for the press, which is the only part that might wear out or fail. That says a lot about the company and the way they treat their customers. You don’t have to throw out the whole French Press if just the filter needs to be replaced.

    Overall I’m very pleased. I’ve since made two other purchases of Planetary products.

    I want to indicate that while my review is an honest appraisal of the product, I was encouraged by a discount on future products to leave a review.

  6. Linda Toenniessen (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying using the 32oz French Press at home. It keeps my coffee hot and fresh all morning. Easy to clean. No problems at all. Great invention!

  7. Dan Walsh (verified owner)

    We used the Basecamp 32oz French Press on a recent camping trip, and I have to say the coffee was the best I’ve ever had while camping. In fact, I wish we had used the French Press to make coffee in our hotel room on either end of the camping trip. My sister in law saw the French Press and Airscape cannister and immediately ordered one.

  8. Jeffrey Anvari-Clark (verified owner)

    Overall, great french press! The new tech does a MUCH better job of keeping grounds and dregs out of the coffee, so that the flavor is consistent down to the end. Plus, it retains heat really well. I’ll make the coffee at 7, my wife will drink it at 8, and it’ll still be hot. As mentioned in another review, my only quibble is the dribble, hence losing the star. When finishing the pour, a couple drops will drip down – make sure you’re pouring over the sink or cloth you don’t mind drop stains on.

  9. Campbell G. (verified owner)

    Great French press. It is easy to use and no mess. Really easy to keep clean. Make sure you have the stainless steel disc up the right way. 😁

  10. SJ Edelen (verified owner)

    Works perfectly. Love using it camping.

  11. Jennifer Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I can’t wait to buy another one. I am a coffee fanatic and i am so glad someone referred me to Planetary design. The Press works perfectly and keeps the coffee hoT.

  12. Eric Ipsen (verified owner)

    I had a previous version, and I have to admit I am a bit disappointed with the new model. It drips quite a lot when pouring, particularly when thermos is close to full. And the screw top doesn’t really align with the spout when fully closed. Also, the pot will stop pouring and seem to be empty, but when I open it to clean there is still quite a bit of liquid left. Otherwise, it seems sturdy and holds heat well.

    • Sarah

      Hi Eric, thanks for your feedback. We’re making changes to the pour spout so that it doesn’t drip. I will pass this along to customer service so they can follow up about the other issues!

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