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ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer

ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer



(1 customer review)

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Introducing ethoz® Tea Brewer- crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this exceptional brewer redefines sophistication for those who practice the western tea brewing method. Indulge in the rich aromas and delicate flavors of premium teas as you witness the graceful unfurling of leaves in the crystal-clear borosilicate glass chamber. The ethoz® Tea Brewer features a stainless steel strainer that prevents your leaves from making it into the cup, eliminates the need for single-use tea bags, and makes for an easy cleanup! Brewing approximately 14 fl.oz. / 400 mL.

Elevating Your Tea Experience: The ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer isn’t just a brewing device; it’s a statement of refined taste and environmental consciousness. Its sleek, minimalist design enhances any tea-drinking ritual, while its fine craftsmanship ensures a flawless brewing process every time.

Environmentally Conscious: Elevate your tea experience with the ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer while taking a step towards sustainability. By ditching disposable tea bags, our brewer helps minimize your environmental impact with every cup. As you indulge in the delightful world of loose-leaf teas, enhance your journey by storing them in our Airscape Container. Designed to keep your tea fresh for longer, it’s the perfect companion to complement your tea brewing ritual. 

How does the ethoz® Tea Brewer distinguish itself from a traditional French Press?: Although resembling a French Press in appearance, our brewer offers a distinct approach that can significantly enhance your tea brewing journey. Unlike the French Press, which utilizes a plunging motion to extract oils and flavors from coffee grounds, the brewer remains stationary, allowing the water to infuse with the tea and strain naturally during pouring. This gentle process prevents the squeezing of tea leaves, which can lead to a bitter taste in your brew.

Invest in the ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer today and elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights. With its unmatched elegance, functionality, and environmental friendliness, it’s the perfect addition to any tea lover’s collection. “I love to hear the sizzle of the boiling hot water hitting the material in the teapot and watch as the clear water infuses in front of me to a golden liquor. This is put your feet up tea – something to relax your mind and body. And I do.” – Sierra Joseph-Quon and Brendan Roth, the tea practitioner.

Add the ethoz™ Glass Cups for the perfect tea brewing gift bundle! Perfect for indoor brewing.

Brews approximately 14 fl.oz. / 400 mL

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  • Sale! Ethoz Glass Tea Brewer and Glass CupsEthoz Glass Tea Brewer

    Tea Time Set

    Original price was: $32.00.Current price is: $29.00.
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Embark on Elevated Tea Moments With Ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer

Embark On Elevated Tea Moments With Ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer

clinking tea cups together

Simplicity Redefined

Say goodbye to messy brewing methods and hello to simplicity. Designed to streamline the brewing process, this innovative brewer ensures a clean and hassle-free experience, allowing you to savor the pure essence of your tea without any added fuss or waste.

Match the tea brewers with the ethoz® glass cups for an elegant sipping experience.

Timeless Craftsmanship

Whether you’re a seasoned tea connoisseur or just embarking on your journey into the realm of premium teas, the brewer offers a gateway to unparalleled flavor and aroma. Designed with ergonomic handles for ease of use, its straightforward brewing process ensures simplicity with every cup.

Unlock a world of sophistication, where every sip unveils a new dimension of flavor and refinement, redefining your tea-drinking experience.


1 review for ethoz® Glass Tea Brewer

  1. Madeline Bassin

    I hover between western and eastern tea preparations. Glassware provides a pretty window to view brew infusion by color & dancing leaves unfurling for individual servings of loose bulk tea. I switched from using a ceramic pot with basket insert as well as a strainer that you pour into – the second of which I should show a joke video of me over zealously tipping over! This solves that.
    Please note that it is small. See the specs. I have used it with scales, as well as simple teaspoon measures. So, 4g to 6g, or teaspoon scoops volumetric, and sometimes multiple pours of 100g/ml or others of 250ml/ 8 oz or 14 oz topping off for more dilution.
    This item good for finer mesh than a competing one of this category from a brand that also differs in omitting pull handle feature of this one.
    I had two of Ethos. I used to unscrew the parts to scrub down the filter sections, but now I just soak the lid filter assembly because I think I messed up the threading on one of them by being really rough with it. I still favor this one though! Also, you can use it to drink from directly when you have tea sachets and don’t need the strainer.
    I have a medium sized woman’s hand. My four fingers fit through the handle to grasp this. I can fit my hand and a microfiber cloth inside to clean. I do not own a dishwasher, so that’s just me, not it. I use the spent tea leaves directly as tree mulch, which could also compost.
    I shaved off a star only because I messed up threading by daily disassembling, which was not the maker’s fault. Just if you go looking to mess with it, you could ruin a good thing.
    This should have been my lead: The improvement over a basket insert is that the tea leaves have room to expand and be watched. The improvement over a strainer hung over a tea cup is that you can turn this upside down for the last drop without dumping the leaves into the cup. The spout is pretty good at directing. You can turn the lid if you get leaves congesting a spot. Again, this mesh is finer than another brand from a tea seller online. So, that is good.
    I use a liter kettle from which I make a cup of coffee followed by tea for the rest. I like to compare different teas or try multiple gong fu cha pours sometimes. So, I actually had 2 of these to compare 2 teas at a time. I am now a big fan of glassware now.

    • Dane Gillespie

      Thank you for the review Madeline! Sounds like you enjoy the product and we love to see that!

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