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Airscape® Stainless – Grab Bag


Grab a deal on the classic stainless steel Airscape® canister. These items are brand new and fully functional, but may have a slight blemish, scratch or mis-printed logo. Design and color will differ from that pictured. We’ll pick a random color to send to you. A wonderful way to enjoy the BEST coffee storage at an amazing price!

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7 reviews for Airscape® Stainless – Grab Bag

  1. Liz (verified owner)

    Ordered a medium Airscape Stainless through the Grab Bag and received a beautiful candy-apple red canister with a small image of a monk drinking coffee. Totally doesn’t go with my kitchen decor, but who cares? It lives in the cabinet and keeps my coffee super fresh. And the shiny red color is so cheery! This grab bag option is a fantastic deal. Ordering another mystery grab bag canister today for my decaf coffee.

  2. Gayle (verified owner)

    Love the Grab Bag section!! Ordered the medium stainless and the kilo stainless Airscape. Both items look great, work very well and shipping was awesome. Will be ordering other items very soon. Thanks!!

  3. Craig Raper (verified owner)

    Grab bag items are incredible deals. I’ve made a number of purchases of the Airscape cannisters through the grab bag offers. Prices are always great, shipping is fast, and the canisters have all been in excellent condition. It’s also an adventure wondering what your canisters will look like. I’ve had some that look like regular canisters. Others had a faulty logo. For those I went to the website for the logo and saw what the logo should have been. Looks great in my counter anyway.

  4. M (verified owner)

    I ordered several Medium Steel Grab Bag canisters. The three I received were identical with a brushed stainless steel finish and the same black logo on each. I couldn’t find any noticeable blemishes on the products. I prefer a plain look, and I was able to easily remove the logos with a common solvent from the hardware store. After a couple months of use, I am very pleased with the quality construction of the product, the ease of use, and the resulting freshness of the coffee beans. I rotate the beans that I grind, so some canisters only get opened weekly – a perfect use case for Airscape displacement storage!

  5. John Murdock (verified owner)

    This is my third Airscape from the grab bag. I use two for regular whole bean coffee and one for decafe. These keep the coffee fresh! Very happy with the Airscapes.

  6. Marisa (verified owner)

    SUPER love the grab bag, I ordered two of the 7″ Airscapes, they came as stainless steel with a monk drinking coffee. I use a chalk marker and write on the other side what’s inside and just cheat the monk in, although honestly I think he’s rad. Keeps my tea and coffee so fresh! LOVE my airscapes! I have 4 so far, and plan to order some for friends right now!

  7. Ron (verified owner)

    Great quality, loved it

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