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Airscape Stainless Steel Grab Bag

Airscape Stainless Steel Grab Bag



(40 customer reviews)


Grab a deal on the classic stainless steel Airscape® canister. These items are brand new and fully functional, but may have a slight blemish, scratch or mis-printed logo. Design and color will differ from that pictured. We’ll pick a random color to send to you. A wonderful way to enjoy the BEST coffee storage at an amazing price!

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  • Black Coffee spoon

    Coffee Scoop – 2 Tbsp. – Obsidian (Black)

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Shop the Classic Stainless Steel Airscape® Canister for a Great Price

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Grab a deal on these items before they’re gone! This is a 100% functional and new Airscape® canister that may have a small blemish or mis-printed logo. The color of the product you receive may differ from that shown in the photo. All sales of Grab Bag items are final, and coupons can not be applied to Grab Bag items

Small 4-Inch, Medium 7-Inch

40 reviews for Airscape Stainless Steel Grab Bag

  1. Liz

    Ordered a medium Airscape Stainless through the Grab Bag and received a beautiful candy-apple red canister with a small image of a monk drinking coffee. Totally doesn’t go with my kitchen decor, but who cares? It lives in the cabinet and keeps my coffee super fresh. And the shiny red color is so cheery! This grab bag option is a fantastic deal. Ordering another mystery grab bag canister today for my decaf coffee.

  2. Gayle

    Love the Grab Bag section!! Ordered the medium stainless and the kilo stainless Airscape. Both items look great, work very well and shipping was awesome. Will be ordering other items very soon. Thanks!!

  3. Craig Raper

    Grab bag items are incredible deals. I’ve made a number of purchases of the Airscape cannisters through the grab bag offers. Prices are always great, shipping is fast, and the canisters have all been in excellent condition. It’s also an adventure wondering what your canisters will look like. I’ve had some that look like regular canisters. Others had a faulty logo. For those I went to the website for the logo and saw what the logo should have been. Looks great in my counter anyway.

  4. M

    I ordered several Medium Steel Grab Bag canisters. The three I received were identical with a brushed stainless steel finish and the same black logo on each. I couldn’t find any noticeable blemishes on the products. I prefer a plain look, and I was able to easily remove the logos with a common solvent from the hardware store. After a couple months of use, I am very pleased with the quality construction of the product, the ease of use, and the resulting freshness of the coffee beans. I rotate the beans that I grind, so some canisters only get opened weekly – a perfect use case for Airscape displacement storage!

  5. John Murdock

    This is my third Airscape from the grab bag. I use two for regular whole bean coffee and one for decafe. These keep the coffee fresh! Very happy with the Airscapes.

  6. Marisa

    SUPER love the grab bag, I ordered two of the 7″ Airscapes, they came as stainless steel with a monk drinking coffee. I use a chalk marker and write on the other side what’s inside and just cheat the monk in, although honestly I think he’s rad. Keeps my tea and coffee so fresh! LOVE my airscapes! I have 4 so far, and plan to order some for friends right now!

  7. Ron

    Great quality, loved it

  8. Kaleo

    So pleased with what I received. Ended up with the white outside and looked perfect! Not one negative thing to say, works perfect and coffee smells amazing every time it’s opened. Thanks.

  9. Nancy Foster

    I have a few Airscape canisters and added another medium size, buying a grab bag. Great bargain and a great product! We have abunch of coffee drinkers and these keep our ground coffee really fresh.

  10. Joseph Henderick

    These smaller sized canisters are a great complement to the large ones when you’re buying larger quantities but only using small amounts at a time, like for coffee, cat food, etc. While the large canisters can handle full bags, it can be a bit much opening them up for small amounts of product, especially when approaching the bottom of the canister.

  11. Donkey’s Butt Coffee

    We are a small coffee roaster, and we use the grab bag airscape canisters for in-house storage.

  12. Stephen Mallernee

    Ordered two of the large, and finish was great, quality same as always

  13. Denise

    Grab bag is great. So far the designs are very beautiful–I ordered three and all three were the same from Savannah Coffee Roasters–just awesome. “Grab bag” is a great idea, Planetary Design!!!

  14. Daina Lieberman

    I ordered 2 medium grab bag canisters. Got one silver and one red with different coffee designs. ALSO, they sent me two cappucino cups with super cool gear-shaped handles! So exciting! I hope they have the small size grab bag again soon. 🙂

  15. mlong82

    Very nice. Great product and price.

  16. calvin

    Yery happy with both product and price.

  17. jaedelman

    The GrabBag is the way to go. I am a home coffee roaster and these AirScape Stainless canisters allows the coffee to rest after roasting and keeps the coffee fresh. I have several coffees I am roasting, so I have one or two for each coffee that comes out of the roaster. This is my fifth order from Planetary and I am very happy with the product, the service and the delivery.

    • Grace Frautschi

      Thank you for the review! At-home coffee roasting is so cool!

  18. Shelly Beech

    Love all my grab bag coffee storage containers!

    • Dane Gillespie

      Thank you Shelly!

  19. chrisanonymous

    If you’re purchasing for function over aesthetics, this is a stellar price on a quality product. 2/3 airscapes arrived in box and original packaging and one repackaged. I received one of each color and all looked to to be in new condition with logos from different coffee companies. Really hoping to see some of these in the small 4″ size again here soon!

    • Dane Gillespie

      Functional is the name of the game with the grab bag! Thank you for the review and enjoy your 25% off!

  20. jimsoehnlen

    First, the service from Planetary Design is excellent. They get the order shipped quickly. I ordered 3 of the 7” Airscape canisters they all seem to be in perfect shape just with a logo or sticker on them. Used 2 of them so far for fresh ground coffee and they work perfectly. When you push down on the inner seal disk it pushes the air out through a vent hole and then you push the inner disk handle down it seals the vent hole. You can actually pack the coffee. Works beautifully. And the grab bag what a great deal.

    • Dane Gillespie

      We pride ourselves on our service. Thank you for the review Jim!

  21. jghaddadiii

    I find the functionality of these to be terrific. I have started bringing them to my roaster to fill directly, and they can’t help but love them too!

    I haven’t needed to wash them, so their condition is still excellent. I can’t yet comment on their longevity, but so far they give me the impression of quality materials, design and construction.

    • Koby Pederson

      Thanks for leaving a review! Happy to hear you and your local roaster are loving the Airscape!

  22. dario.ronin

    I love airscape design, colors and functionality. Medium size is perfect for my needs. Small, however, is almost unusable. With plunger and cap on, it leaves very little space for whatever you are planning to store in.

    • Koby Pederson

      Thank you for the review! We are glad you are enjoying the Medium Airscape. The Small Airscape does hold 250gr of whole bean coffee and is a great option for those who drink coffee on occasion or are wanting to make coffee on-the-go.

  23. Cynthia Ulman

    Just got a beautiful medium Stainless via Grab Bag. Even our older coffee tasted better a couple of days after going into the Airless. Can’t wait to fill it with fresh beans and get the full benefit. Airless containers are now my holiday gift of choice for the coffee drinkers in the family!

    • Koby Pederson

      Thanks for the review Cynthia! Glad to hear the coffee is tasting better and that you’re taking advantage of our Grab Bag deal!

  24. jaedelman

    These are the best value for first rate storage. I roast coffee and this is THE SOLUTION for sustainable storage. I fill an airscape with coffee, give it to friends and they return it to me to be refilled. Fantastic.

  25. njoja

    Purchased 2 Medium Stainless via the grab bag option. Both were in excellent condition. Logos on both from coffee houses made them appear to be leftover stock. No cloth bag included.

  26. lisadorf.77

    The medium Airscape is perfect for storing my coffee beans! It has me asking, “How have I not known about this my entire coffee consuming life?” I also bought a medium Airscape as a gift for the foodie friend who introduced me to the BruTrek press. So much fabulousness in one company!

  27. rcattle1

    The Grab Bag offers are unbeatable deals on the best coffee storage options out there. Been using the Medium Stainless canisters for about 8 years now. Love the way they keep my beans fresh for an extended time.

  28. victor.manela

    I just bought 3 more and now have 6 where I store my coffee beans and my k pods to keep them fresh. These are excellent in keeping excess air out of whatever you store in them. And as a big plus, they look good in the kitchen.

  29. Lamont Chen

    Ordered a couple of medium grab bag stainless steel airscapes and they work perfectly! Work very well and cannot tell there are any issues. Coffee is super fresh and little addicting to open / close the lid to push the air out

  30. Michael Dunn

    Purchased 4. They all came stainless and no visible blemishes. Maybe a couple micro scratches. I had to really look to find the blemishes. Well worth the money and I’m going to purchase more of them. 100% recommend.

  31. Joseph Tuttle

    While I love the containers themselves, the “grab bag” is apparently not random but a means of clearing out old stock because I just received 8 of the exact same Arbor Teas silver containers. Disappointed to not see any random variety though, again, they all seem have no physical issues. I guess on a positive note, they will all match when we use them.

  32. Donna Brocker

    Love these, ordered 5! They work so well for my teas. Love the discounted price, just a couple small scratches on them no big deal. Great company and great products!

  33. DebT

    I ordered a small Airscape through the Grab Bag and received a perfect little black container with a cactus and mountain logo. Not only does this fit the “vibe” in my Arizona kitchen, it goes perfectly with the granite counter. The Grab Bag program is the best!

  34. Ebony

    Every grab bag item I’ve purchase on faith has been awesome! Definitely going to take advantage of more grab bag deals.

  35. Ebony

    Airscape grab bags are the best! Definitely going to continue to maximize the deals.

  36. Ebony

    Every grab bag I get is fantastic.

  37. Jen Thompson

    Excellent – I ordered 4 grab bag Airscapes – stainless steel in various sizes. All were in decent shape for “imperfect” discount. One had the slightest scuffing at the bottom, second one – just 1 letter of logo etching was mildly blurred, the other had a minor indentation on the bottom base (not visible on the counter). I squealed with delight with the surprise Hawaiian Coffee Roaster logo. I grew up in Hawaii and have memories of that area. The Hawaii one looked almost perfect (just the minor scuff) Very happy with my purchase and the functionality is brilliant with the swoosh vaccuum lid. I’m sure it will keep coffee fresher.

  38. Donna

    Received a Airscape Stainless Steel 4” grab bag in excellent condition!! It matches my 7” canister that i got for Christmas! Couldn’t be happier with the Grab Bag!!

  39. parkar

    Quality build and finish. It should last for long time. Coffee stays fresh for much longer. I am ordering more for other food items.

  40. Jody

    These are great for keeping my ground coffee fresh as I am too lazy to grind every day.

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