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Double Shot 3.0 Press w/ Bru-Stop™


icon BPA-Free
icon Stain Free
icon 18/8 Steel
icon Hand Wash
icon Spill Proof
icon Double Wall Insulated
icon Food Safe
icon Carabiner Friendly
icon Cup Holder Fit

Get out and brew in the updated Double Shot 3.0 French Press mug with integrated storage canister. Double-wall vacuum insulated body, laser welded durable handle, Bru-Stop™ French Press assembly for a smooth tasting brew, and attached storage to keep extra coffee grounds, tea leaves or snacks!

Also features a spill-proof combination press & drink lid so you can brew and go. Enjoy a perfectly smooth brew, anytime, anywhere! Lid can be attached for left or right-handed drinkers. Brews a hearty 16 fl.oz.

Can’t wait to get brewing? Pick up an Overland Coffee French Press 5-pack too!


Upgrade Your Double Shot:

The CarGo Can

The BruTrek™ Cargo Can is perfect for pre-measured servings of coffee, tea or protein powder – enough for a day or weekend of adventures. Also ideal for preserving herbs, spices or any other goods that are oxygen, humidity & light sensitive. Features writable top lid and magnetic bottom.

Compatible with the Double Shot 3.0 as an upgrade to the standard bottom storage container.

Overland Coffee Packets 5-Pack

5-Count Box of French Press Everyday Coffee Packets

Fuel for Your Vehicle Supported Adventures!


Individual packets include coarse ground coffee and brews a 16-20 oz press of our Northwest Blend with notes of Tobacco, Mandarin and Berries.

Box Includes Five – 1.058 oz (30 g) Packets – Net Wt 5.29 oz (150 g)

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With Bru-Stop™ technology, once fully pressed down, the
Bru-Stop™ plate creates a physical barrier between the
grounds and brewed coffee or tea. Using tempered
stainless steel, the plate flexes up while pressing and then
springs back to a flat position – halting the brew process.

3 reviews for Double Shot 3.0 Press w/ Bru-Stop™

  1. mstg (verified owner)

    I have tried several different coffee press options and by far Bru-Stop is the best. I received my first one as a gift 15 years ago and it works as good as it did originally. I recommend to anyone looking for a good coffee press to use on a daily basis.

  2. Patrick Ray (verified owner)

    So, I’ll get it out of the way and just come out and say it. This thing is pretty pricey for what you get, but I’ve been using it almost daily (which was not my intention) for several weeks now at work for my 2nd mug of coffee (first cup is drip brewed at home) and I’ve really been enjoying it. Now, I use more coffee than what most people would call for in one of these, nearly 30 grams, but I think it comes out perfect. I boil water in a microwave safe mug at work, pull to the side for about 30 seconds, toss the coffee into the Double Shot and then dump the water in (wait 3 minutes and then press slowly). The Double Shot having a handle makes it REALLY easy to pour hot water in over the sink without worrying about burning one’s self. Also, even with this press only having one filter, it does a really good job of not letting grinds slip through. If you’ll keep the water and the grinds at or below where the top of the mug widens and press slowly (I press over 15-20 seconds) then it’s been very rare for me to have any grinds at all slip through by the time I get to the bottom of my mug. I’ve been using this thing for a few weeks now and I’ve probably brewed in it 45-55 times. There’s nothing out there quite like it. I was hesitant about having the handle but I needed something that would fit in my cup holder, but now I’m really glad it’s got it.

    It really is a solid purchase once you figure out how to use it right. If your on the fence about it over price, just do it. I’ve tried a lot of different ways to do travel coffee – including V60 pour-overs, hand grinders and scales. And while I often travel with a hand grinder still, this is a much more compact way to get a quality, snobby cup of coffee.

  3. Dwaine Linger (verified owner)

    Works great the only thing i wish it had a regular lid when using as a regular cup

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