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BruTrek Table Top French Presses – Grab Bag


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This is a 100% functional and new Table Top French Press that may have a small blemish or mis-printed logo. The color of the product you receive may differ from that shown in the photo. Your unit will come with either a legacy French Press screen, or the newer Bru-Stop screen.

small – 20 fl.oz.

medium – 32 fl.oz.

large – 48 fl.oz.

1 unit per order. Images may show multiple products to showcase different styles.

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20 fl.oz, 32 fl.oz, 48 fl.oz

12 reviews for BruTrek Table Top French Presses – Grab Bag

  1. Diana Weaver

    Great for our RV travel.

  2. Jennifer Babineaux (verified owner)

    We’re big fans of the previous French Press design, and were happy to be able to purchase one through the grab bag. If there was a problem with this one, we couldn’t find it – it arrived in perfect condition – not one scratch, ding or even a logo!

  3. Cynthia Gee (verified owner)

    I LOVE my french press! No worries about breaking glass, coffee remains hot for hours (and I like it hot!), and is easy to use and clean. My first experience with Planetary Design was at a coffee shop. I ended up buying one for myself and my kids who also are enjoying it. I’m just about to buy a larger model for when we have friends over. Very pleased at these purchases!

  4. Gayle (verified owner)

    Purchased the medium size and I am very pleased with it. I purchased via the grab bag and got a very nice bright blue!!

  5. RgSteele (verified owner)

    Love it! It keeps our coffee hot for a long time, longer than other thermal french presses we tried. Very well made and no coffee grinds have made it pass the screens and into our cups.

  6. Lynn (verified owner)

    We have used our original Planetary pot for over 10 years on our sailboat which we liveaboard half the year. We wanted a larger pot for our house. The Bru stop design definitely reduces the fine grind in the cup. Since I wasn’t sure the grab bag would have the Bru stop, I ordered a spare which fits on my original pot too. I did receive a pot with the bru stop feature. There is a design for a coffee business on our pot but we don’t mind it….its silver on a black matte pot. Love the grab bag price!

  7. Jim (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Noting that the pour spout does not close, is always open. The outer lid seal will wear out after about 4 years. Easy to disassemble and clean. Stays hot enough for about 45 minutes. I use it on a racing sailboat, 32 to 96 hour races and in the Pacific Cup to Hawaii. Slightly wide base is more stable at sea.

    • Planetary Design

      Hi Jim, thanks for your feedback. Wondering if this is the older model prior to adding the double insulation — when you first make coffee is it hot to the touch? We can get you a replacement for the outer lid seal if you’d like. FYI our redesigned BaseCamp presses have lids that snap shut – might be good for sailing!

  8. DJ (verified owner)

    Makes an excellent “cup a joe”. I chose the 48oz size basically for car camping, I had been using a 12 cup percolator on a camp stove, but the coffee seemed a little thin, and it took forever to percolate. This press has definitely fixed those issues, we’re talking a full bodied cup of coffee in 5 minutes of steeping. Cleans up easily, has good heat retention, I may add a 32oz for convenience in the kitchen at home. It’s a winner. Nuthin’ better than a really good cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

  9. Nicole O’Banion (verified owner)

    Just ordered a 20oz press. The handle on my 15(?) year old previous one just broke. I have two others, all floor models purchased at Coffee Fest when I used to work in the industry. They are my absolute favorite and I love the 20oz for daily personal use!

  10. Clare Marlow (verified owner)

    We have been using your 32 ounce French press pot for five years, since my husband bought it for me for Christmas. I actually think it might be the reason he is now a coffee connoisseur! We just bought a second one, larger, so he can make his gourmet coffee every morning for some friends who are coming to visit for a week.

  11. Dwaine Linger (verified owner)

    This is an excellent item. mine came without any damage and i even got a color i like. It keeps the coffee hot till i finish drinking it, sometimes over an hour. Thanks again for another good product. I enjoy drinking a fresh cup of coffee using the press design and my home roasted coffee.

  12. machabees (verified owner)

    I think this is the best Thermal french press on the market. I’m a little sad that it only appears to be available as a grab bag item. I assume that means they are no longer making it.
    Grab one while you can. It’s a great deal and a fantastic press. Every positive thing the other reviewers have said is accurate.

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