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Cool new product in the works – the AirScape Lite

AirScape LiteOur stainless steel AirScapes have received incredibly positive feedback.  Food stays fresh so much longer when the air is expelled from the chamber with your food.  Hence, everyone from professional chefs to coffee roasters to infrequent bakers (perhaps this latter demographic more than most as their brown sugar tends to sit longer than most) sings the praises of the AirScape.  The only criticism has been the inability to actually see the contents inside.

From this feedback the AirScape Lite was born.  The AirScape Lite will utilize the same great patented technology that forces all the air out of the canister but will also be semi-clear so the contents can always be seen.

productfunderNearly as exciting is the fact that we’re releasing the AirScape Lite in Product Funder – a new and innovative crowd-sourcing platform.  In a nutshell, crowd-sourcing lets consumers in on the ground floor of a new product release.  In exchange for funding a product before it hits the shelves the consumer not only gets to be the first to have it when it’s released, but benefits with discounts as well.  This is definitely the case for the AirScape Lite.

The AirScape Lite project is only running through June 21st so check it out soon!