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Gift Specialty Coffee

Gift Specialty Coffee

From: $12.00

From: $12.00

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Drum Coffee's Small-Batch Coffee - Santa Elena

Coffee Roaster: DRUM Coffee Roasting
Tasting Notes: Molasses, Cinnamon, Oak, Chocolate
Origin: Costa Rica - Tarrazú
Process: Washed
Roast Level: Medium
Farm: Woman-Owned Single Estate
*coffee purchase not refundable
*must select coffee and canister options to receive both


Airscape Coffee Canister - Classic

1/2 lb Coffee Pairs with Small Airscape® Classic Coffee Canister

1 lb Coffee Pairs with Medium Airscape® Classic Coffee Canister

2 lb Coffee Pairs with Kilo Airscape® Coffee Canister


Airscape® Kilo Coffee Canister

1/2 lb Coffee Pairs with Small Airscape® Classic Coffee Canister

1 lb Coffee Pairs with Medium Airscape® Classic Coffee Canister

2 lb Coffee Pairs with Kilo Airscape® Coffee Canister


Introducing the Airscape Specialty Coffee Bundle, a sensory journey through the exquisite world of specialty coffee featuring Drum Coffee’s artisanal roast by Luz Marina Trujillo. Dive into the rich coffee heritage of Tarrazú, Costa Rica, where coffee is a way of life and every cup tells a story.

Bundle Contents:

  1. Luz Marina Trujillo’s Santa Elena Washed: Grown on the lush slopes of Santa Elena Estate, Luz Marina’s coffee is a testament to her family’s generations-old dedication to the art of coffee production. Her beans are cultivated under shade, hand-picked, and meticulously processed to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience. You’ll savor the notes of cherry, raisin, cranberry, hazelnut, dried berry, caramel, and toffee in the washed coffee. The honey process adds a new dimension with flavors of plum, lemon, cherry, tangerine, blood orange, raspberry, fruit punch, and chocolate. A bright berry acidity and medium body make this coffee truly exceptional.
  2. Airscape Coffee Canister: Preserve the pristine quality of your coffee with the Airscape Coffee Canister. Its patented valve lid system creates an airtight seal that protects your coffee from oxidation and flavor degradation. This canister is designed to keep your coffee beans fresh and aromatic, just as Luz Marina intended.

About Luz Marina Trujillo: Luz Marina Trujillo’s coffee journey began amidst the coffee farms of her family in Tarrazú, Costa Rica. Today, she stands as a coffee visionary, meticulously tending to her estate, Finca Santa Elena. Her commitment to sustainability, quality, and ethical practices is evident in every cup of her coffee.

Why Choose the Gift Bundle: Specialty coffee represents the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship. It’s about quality, sustainability, and a rich tapestry of flavors that awaken your senses. When you choose specialty coffee, you’re not just sipping a beverage; you’re savoring a story, a place, and a culture.

Brewing Recommendations: For the best experience, we recommend using freshly ground coffee. Explore different brewing methods like pour-over, French press, or espresso to unlock the full spectrum of flavors in Luz Marina’s Tarrazú Delight.

Elevate your coffee ritual with the Airscape Specialty Coffee Bundle, a tribute to the art of coffee and the commitment to preserving its essence. Join us on this exquisite journey and experience the true essence of specialty coffee today.

*must select coffee option and canister option*

The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers: Gift Specialty Coffee

gift specialty coffee, small-batch coffee, airscape coffee canister, drum coffee

Unwrapping the Gift of Exceptional Coffee

Imagine the delightful anticipation, the cozy moments by the fireplace, and the cherished memories of holidays past. Our Gift Specialty Coffee Bundle is more than just a gift; it’s a warm embrace of nostalgia and joy. As you unbox this bundle, you’re unwrapping the comforting aroma of Santa Elena, a timeless tradition of flavor and excellence. This holiday season, make memories with the gift of exceptional coffee, evoking the spirit of togetherness and the magic of the season.

Gift Sustainability and Artistry

Embrace the season of giving with a purpose. This bundle is not just a gift; it’s a statement of sustainability and artistry. As you bestow this bundle upon a coffee lover, you’re sharing more than just exceptional flavor; you’re celebrating a commitment to the environment and the craftsmanship behind each bean. This holiday season, choose the gift that stands for something greater, combining sustainability and the art of coffee in a single, thoughtful package.

specialty coffee, artisan coffee, small-batch coffee


The best way to brew specialty coffee is through the French press method, which allows for a full immersion and extraction of the coffee’s unique flavors. For an exceptional French press experience, consider the different BruTrek French Presses, offering a range of sizes and features to suit your preferences, from the compact and portable BruTrek Travel Presses like the Double Shot 3.0 or OVRLNDR to the larger BruTrek Basecamp for serving multiple cups.

You can buy specialty coffee beans from various sources, including local specialty coffee shops, online retailers, and dedicated roasteries. For exceptional quality, consider exploring the offerings of Drum Coffee Roasters, known for their artisanal roasting, or join the Sustainable Coffee Club to access a curated selection of sustainably sourced specialty coffee beans from around the world.

The best grind size for specialty coffee depends on your chosen brewing method. Generally, for pour-over and drip methods, a medium grind works well, while espresso requires a finer grind, and French press demands a coarser grind to optimize flavor extraction. Looking for a Hand Grinder? How about a Guide to Brew Coffee?


To maintain the freshness of specialty coffee, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, away from moisture, heat, and light. For comprehensive guidance on coffee storage containers, GUIDE TO STORAGE

“Single-origin” in specialty coffee refers to coffee beans sourced from a specific geographic location, such as a particular region, estate, or farm. This term highlights the unique characteristics of the coffee, including its flavor profile, aroma, and terroir, which are influenced by the specific location where it was grown, processed, and harvested. The Luz Marina Trujillo’s Santa Elena Washed is a single-origin from Puerto Rico.

They do NOT. To give you the most fresh bag of coffee possible, the coffee will be shipped directly from Drum Coffee Roasters and the Airscape will be sent from our warehouse.

We ARE! Our goal is to off coffee from all of our sustainable coffee club roasters.

The 8 oz bag will be shipped with the Small Stainless Steel Airscape. The 16 oz bag will be shipped with the Medium Stainless Steel Airscape. The 2 lb bag will be shipped with the Airscape Kilo.

Drum Coffee's Small-Batch Coffee - Santa Elena


1 lb, 1/2 lb, 2 lb

Airscape Coffee Canister - Classic


Small, Medium


Brushed Brass, Brushed Copper, Brushed Steel, Chalk (Matte White), Charcoal (Matte Black), Lupine, Matte Blue, Matte Red, Matte Red Rock, Matte Yellow, Obsidian (Black)

Airscape® Kilo Coffee Canister


Ash (Matte Gray), Chalk (Matte White), Charcoal (Matte Black)

1 review for Gift Specialty Coffee

  1. Tim

    Great combination. Outstanding storage for this flavorful coffee.Fast shipping so you can enjoy the freshness.

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